I have had the privilege of collaborating with Lisa Manyoky in her work as a Professional Coach, in collaborating with her on Mentor Coaching cases, and in facilitating a MasterMind Group in which she participated and presented. Lisa brings a unique ability and background of extensive experience in leadership development, successful private business, and performance optimization for executives and athletes. Her engaging style allows her to work with anyone. In my years as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine, and in the last decade of training Professional Coaches, I know Lisa to be one of the most accomplished and respected professionals I have ever known. I highly and unequivocally recommend her. She is the first Professional Coach I think of for referring a high profile client.

David Krueger, MD
CEO, MentorPath, www.MentorPath.com
Dean of Curriculum, Coach Training Alliance


Lisa Manyoky became my Coach at a critical time in my life’s journey; a time of intense change in nearly every part of my life. Though I had known success in years past, these changes had triggered a sense of defeat in me that left me out of touch with my personal value and unclear about my forward direction. Using her incredible skill set, Lisa helped me stabilize my life and return step-by-step to its helm. She did this through intense listening, gentle but firm questioning, steady encouragement and consistent challenges. She celebrated my successes like they were her own and displayed a level of commitment that I’ve rarely seen in others. While Lisa’s training is vast and her experience exceptional, it is her ability to align these skills to the needs of her clients that I truly respect and appreciate. Today I am very much in touch with my value and clear about my life direction. I highly recommend Lisa’s services and am honored to offer a direct recommendation to anyone considering her services.

Leah Brownlee-Beck
Client Services Consultant/Coach/Trainer, Beck Client Service Solutions


Lisa is a coach and marketer extraordinaire! She sees the big picture…quickly…asks the right questions, offers sound advice, and then creates a comprehensive and on-target marketing plan. Early on, against her advice, I tried to veer off course. Yet I always came back to her for help because the detour didn’t get me to where I wanted to go and wound up costing me valuable time and money. Lisa quickly assessed the situation, suggested adjustments and got me back on course, which has led me to where I am today—owner of a viable business with multiple revenue streams, a marketing plan that works, a fee schedule that reflects the value of my experience and knowledge, and most importantly, the confidence and knowledge that I am on a road that is going to lead to a personal pot of gold at the end of my rainbow. It’s said that winners never quit and quitters never win. I have no doubt that without Lisa’s sound advice, enormous talent and supportive partnership, I would have veered off the path once too often and would not have been able to get back on, at the expense of my dreams and soul. Aside from her extensive marketing knowledge, graphic talents and “can do” attitude, Lisa’s energy and passion make her so much fun to work with!

Sheryl Spangler
CEO & Matchmaker, Heart & Soul Matchmaking


Lisa has this ability to see and think outside the box. This was most important to me as I was not sure in what direction I was heading. Through our conversation, which touched on many subjects from childhood through the present, I was able to hear myself think out loud and focus, finally reaching a place of knowing. With Lisa’s help, I had a “name” for what I wished to explore next in my life and people who could help me network. I know the next step is mine to take, but each day I get excited knowing there is a path for me to travel.

Jean Rosenthal
Director, Community Relations


Lisa is a fireball of a personality who is not only fun to be around, but helps bring out the best in you through her thoughtful insights and endearing compassion. I’d recommend Lisa to anyone looking to make a career change—well worth the time and money!

Joe Keller
VP, IT at SVS Vision


Lisa Manyoky is highly organized and dedicated, and I have greatly appreciated her constant attention to detail. She is creative and versatile, and she adapts very well to the needs of her clients. She is passionately committed to making her clients successful.

Barbara Mason
Director, Community Outreach


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