Personal Brand Development

Does your personal brand say Rock Star or Cowboy? Charismatic or Aloof? Nordstrom’s or Sears?

Just like products, people have brands. In fact, EVERYBODY has a brand. A very personal, unique combination of a little bit of what’s visible and a whole lot of what’s not.

If I say canned soup, what comes to mind? How about sneakers? Beer? Or, what if I say just do it? Have it your way? Melts in your mouth? No doubt, you thought of a specific product. Maybe you experienced an emotion. Maybe you were even inspired to crack open a cold one with some m&ms after an invigorating run!


Do you know your personal brand? It’s your size and shape, your wardrobe, the way you walk. It’s your manner of speaking, your style of writing, the way you treat others. It’s the mood you create when you walk into a room, the feelings you generate when you reach out to a friend, the effect you have on colleagues as you talk shop at the conference table.

In every aspect of life, mastery of YOU can lay the groundwork for inner peace, satisfying relationships and workplace success. Personal brand development can help you make discoveries that bring these about. Do you know how others perceive you? DO YOU KNOW YOU? Let’s find out so you can capitalize on your natural abilities and ensure you are delivering your personal message in a positively memorable way.


All You On You engagements start with a DiSC assessment. A monthly retainer billed at the start of our collaboration covers weekly calls, worksheets and email support between calls.

Please call me for personal brand development details at 609-890-6645, or fill out my contact form to email me questions or thoughts. Then…let’s go!