If you want to make sense of how you and others behave and communicate in certain ways, then a DiSC assessment is a great way to start.

DiSC also gives you an edge in knowing how to better relate to others. When you need to make an impression, it is always ideal to understand how your observers prefer to communicate. Once you recognize their style, you can modify yours to capture their attention best. Voilà!

DiSC is a behavioral model that measures dimensions of observable behavior and groups them into four major personality types:

DOMINANCE = controlling, direct, assertive
INFLUENCE = outgoing, social, optimistic
STEADINESS = patient, thoughtful, loyal
CONSCIENTIOUSNESS = reserved, precise, analytical

DiSC is based upon the work of Dr. William Marston and his book “Emotions of Normal People,” written in 1928. The purpose of DiSC is to demonstrate that though all people are different, their differences are predictable because of certain underlying factors that exist in combination within every individual. DiSC is an assessment tool that delivers information, but not judgment. There is no pass or fail, right or wrong. The results are simply informational and intended to help you understand your personality as well as those of others. In doing so, you will be better equipped to make adjustments when dealing with others to result in better communication and more satisfying relationships, at home and in the workplace.

I am trained to administer and interpret results of a DiSC assessment. It is typically the first step of all my You On You engagements, though it is available as an independent service without an extended coaching commitment.

Call me at 609-890-6645 to register for your DiSC assessment and consultation. You will take the assessment online, and we will discuss the results by phone.