Laser Calls

If a long-term brand-building coaching engagement is not necessary or possible, then Manyoky911 is a great, short-term
“laser-focused” alternative.

Manyoky911 is a 90-minute exchange that delivers a potent dose of clarity, focus, inspiration and information. It is your chance to pick my brain to get yours headed in a better performance direction. You’ll leave our call energized, relieved and closer to achieving your goals.

Because a laser call is a highly focused coaching exchange, it should address your most pressing challenge that requires immediate attention and a solution. It is time together that delivers invaluable insight in a condensed window of time.

There are many benefits to laser coaching & training:

  • Speed
  • Specific, targeted information, solutions, tactics, strategies, priorities, recommendations and/or referrals
  • Fresh, objective, informed perspective
  • Generous access to over 20 years of entrepreneurial leadership, mastery of communication dynamics, understanding of people, a solid business head and a whole lot of enthusiasm

The process is simple. Just make a request via phone or my contact form. I will confirm a date and time. You will fill out and submit a pre-call questionnaire at least 3 days before the scheduled time. When the time for your call arrives, you will experience an information-packed dialogue that enables you to address your challenge head-on and with a plan. I will be direct, clear and generous with ideas and solutions.

Get 90 minutes of time for $911. By the way, $111 of every call helps build an emergency fund for a family in crisis.

If you have more questions, then please call me at 609-890-6645, or fill out my contact form to email me directly.